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Lauren Jacobs

Lauren is Goldilocks' Creative Director and chief content creator. Having spent the last 10 years heading up different organisations, and in the latter 5 years specialising in leading Digital Marketing teams, Lauren has many years of experience working in online marketing.

Building a strong online voice is what Lauren (and Goldilocks) is known for - working with individuals and companies to ensure their brand message comes across loud and clear!

Goldilocks Creative

Goldilocks Creative was incorporated in July 2018, a culmination of many years of hard work.

Our brand has always been about working with the right clients to ensure their online presence is the best it can be. We started with Social Media and Content Creation and then moved in to Wordpress web design and SEO.

Goldilocks now consists of a tight knit dedicated team, headed up by Lauren, who work on Content Marketing, Social Media, trouble shooting, Website Design and SEO.
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Lauren Jacobs - Goldilocks Managing & Creative Director


Debra Moolenaar

Lauren understood exactly what I needed even before I did, she came up with the vision and I loved it straight away!

Natalie Hunt

Lauren and I sat down and had a coffee (of course!) and right from the outset I knew she understood what I needed and created it

Lyndsy Doyle

When I was looking for a company to partner APCAM with Lauren and GLC were the obvious choice, she's now part of the team.
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