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Make Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd with Branding from Goldilocks Creative

Branding is the single most important aspect of your digital marketing. It’s the start point for every marketeer, and rightly so. Without branding you’re shooting in the dark, hoping for results. 

But what exactly is branding? It’s one of marketing’s most juicy yet vague terms, quite often leaving business owners feeling confused as to how to implement its success. 

Branding isn’t simply a logo or company colours, these are a part of your brand image but your brand goes way beyond that. You see your brand is a combination of physical aspects and emotional ones; it’s what you want people to say about your business when you aren’t in the room, your brand is everything your business is and how it is perceived.

Your brand touches everything you and your business does, both online and offline. From obvious paid marketing activities, to the way in which you respond to Instagram comments, from the way you word your recruitment adverts to how you sign off a client/customer email. Without deciphering what your brand actually is, your audience won’t know what to expect; without brand unity and authenticity customers don’t know who you are and this does not breed client relationships.

Moving forward from some branding contemplation, you and your team will know your brand guidelines, what to promote and what to avoid, when, where and to who. You want your target audience, current customers and prospective, to know it’s you posting without having to search for your company name. Ideally your business values and personality should be recognisable from your content, message, and activities.

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What can Goldilocks Creative do for you and your brand?

Start from scratch: outline your company values, principles, personality, style and objectives - either collaboratively or using our know-how alone

Create your branding strategy: the what, why, who, when, where and how

Neaten and align any previous content to sit within your newly agreed branding

Not sure where to start and want a helping hand? 
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