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Creating Content for Social Media, SEO and Blogs

Without content, digital marketing is a non-starter, yet so many struggle to decipher what they should be putting out there. Perhaps a vague term for those not within the marketing world, content is anything and everything you produce online. Your posts, photos, videos, blogs, and ‘stories’, promoted on your social media platforms as well as your website.

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Content For Social Media

With platforms being used for different reasons, your content therefore needs to vary to best fit each profile’s criteria and algorithms. For example, you would benefit from Facebook’s long-form posts to give detailed information and insight, whereas you’d need to be concise on Twitter to fit their 250 character limit. On Instagram, filters can enhance your images, but they often appear blurry if then posted on to LinkedIn.

By ensuring your content is on brand, and optimised with appropriate images for the specific platform which it is intended, you will increase reach and engagement.

Content For SEO

SEO writing is a skill that is not only  creative, but also led and informed by analytics and data. We analyse your site focusing on the most effective areas of content. This can be existing pages that haven't fully expanded on, or that could need optimising for search engines. However most often it is great, usable content for your site pages to better inform prospective clients (and search engines!) of your brands offering.

With SEO we not only optimise your written content but also the images which support all your sites pages, by tagging and optimising your images as well as written content this increases your SEO performance.
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Content For Blogs

Blogs are a cornerstone of all creative content and digital marketing. Your blog informs the search engines that you are publishing regular valuable content to keep your customers entertained. That is not the only use for blogs however, blogs also provides the basis of your social media posts and interactive content.

Blog content can be on any topic which is relevant to you and your brand, targeting specific words within your writing and optimising your blogs will increase your traffic and potential customers.
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