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A selection of our previous build projects with details of the design and a link to the site itself 
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Website Design Natalie Hunt Training

We designed the site for Natalie to encompass the three aspects of her business, ensuring we made it suitable for the public, educators and charitable organisations. 

We worked with Natalie to produce a restful and peaceful concept making the site suitable for professionals and parents.
natalie hunt training website design showcase goldilocks creative

Design and Branding for Appleby Interiors

Claire Ewers, Appleby Interiors came to Goldilocks at a point of desperation, having formed her business but was struggling to define her brand and work out what direction to take with her website.

Lauren and the team designed a logo and built a site which showcased Claire's love of design and decoration.
appleby interiors design showcase goldilocks creative website design

Brand alignment and website creation for The Astrology Coach

Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar is a brand and female coach who uses astrology to best serve her clients needs.

We aligned Debra's previous 3 websites and blogs in to one new mobile enhanced design. 
the astrology coach showcase - goldilocks creative website

Website design with eCommerce integration for Humble Bumble Cafe

When the UK went in to lockdown The Humble Bumble Cafe had to modify it's business model and offering a click and collect service was needed!

We built a full new site from scratch with eCommerce integration allowing people to order and pay on collection for their items, we also did all the animations!
humble bumble cafe showcase - goldilocks creative


Debra Moolenaar

Lauren understood exactly what I needed even before I did, she came up with the vision and I loved it straight away!
website design goldilocks

Natalie Hunt

Lauren and I sat down and had a coffee (of course!) and right from the outset I knew she understood what I needed and created it
website management images goldiclocks creative

Lauren Gill

Lauren worked quickly and created a fantastic website for me with very little briefing.  She was always a step ahead of what I wanted
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