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Search Engine Optimisation - Make Your Website Work Smarter 

Why you should be putting ongoing effort in to your website

Having a fantastic all singing all dancing website is only part of creating traffic. Getting potential clients to your website needs ongoing effort, both on and off your website


You've probably heard the words 'keywords' and 'key phrases' this is part of how you optimise your site. By ensuring your site has engaging, well written and targeted content is key (excuse the pun!) to getting traffic but that's not the only thing you should be putting effort in to!

Load times, images optimisation, tags, security and targeting are all things that make a difference towards your overall SEO scores.

Onsite SEO isn't simply creating great targeted content - it helps! -  but you need more than just that, if you site is unsecured but you have a great targeted blog Google will still not rank your site highly as being unsecured is a big negative as is having a bloated slow loading site. 

All these things are part of our SEO packages, managing and improving your site effectively to get the best performance.


Off-Site SEO is often the neglected twin of On-Site SEO, this is predominantly due to the fact that Off-Site SEO is much more difficult and time consuming for business owners. Off-Site SEO is all about how other people view and link to your site; by creating 'high value backlinks'. 

These links are effectively votes of confidence in your site and your brand, by identifying these strategic high value links we can create a level of  authority. Google checks these links and ensures that each one is authentic and has been curated through a valuable exchange of information. Off-site SEO is a slow and laborious process, creating links over time to give your domain the best SEO score. Different sites offer a different level of domain authority, by working with us we can help you procure the most effective backlinks in a sustainable way.


Digital PR isn't strictly a branch of SEO in the way we normally think about SEO however it is equally as important as either of the other types.

Digital PR encompasses all the non-direct aspects of Off-Site SEO. 

This can be anything from sharing on your own social platforms to producing and publishing guest blogs and articles for online publications. All these work towards creating a buzz around your site. 

Guest publishing items on other peoples platforms, Social Media take overs and virtual events all create links back to your site. 

We can create those opportunities, leveraging our network of contacts and providing your content to available blogs and publications who accept submissions.
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