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Ah social media, what a wonderful invention for the 21st century! How accessible, creative and timely we’re all now able to be with our marketing efforts. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg and thank you internet! The decision now isn’t whether you can perform your own social media activities, it’s whether you want to...

We’ve all heard of Facebook, but do you know when the best times to post are? Many of us have an Instagram account, but do you know how to utilise the Instagram Stories or Highlights features? Hashtags are everywhere, but do you know which ones are relevant to you? We could go on.
You could just go with the flow, posting for your business with what you fancy, when you fancy it. But that’s probably not the best use or investment of your time. 

An implemented social media strategy allows you and your team to work on the same wavelength, portraying content that is inline with your brand, personality, values and objectives. You’ll all know your brand guidelines, what to promote and what to avoid, when, where and to who. You want your target audience, current customers and prospective, to know it’s you posting without having to see your logo or company name. Your values, purpose and offerings should be recognisable and memorable, that’s the idea behind branding.

What We Can Do For Your Social Media

Goldilocks Creative offer a full social media design, setup, advertising and content service
contact us to discuss your social media needs

Create your social media strategy - collaboratively works best but we can also take the whole task off of your hands if desired

Create and curate profiles across the 6 main social media including setting up YouTube channel, optimising headers and logos for each individual platform

Plan and create your organic and original content

Create a social media schedule that works for your brand

Host and post on your social media platforms, including YouTube and Pinterest 

Routinely analyse your results and statistics, amending practices as and when it’s needed

Routinely analyse your results and statistics, amending practices as and when it’s needed. Providing easy to understand measurable metrics

Manage online adverts and sponsored posts, providing analytical data that is easy to understand and gives value for money. 

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