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Wordpress Website Design in Oxfordshire from Goldilocks Creative 

At Goldilocks Creative our website design process is not only intuitive but also means that we hit a home run each time! By really getting to know you and your company we create something that is functional, visually appealing and always on message.  


Why do you need a website? What do you want your website to do? Will you use your website as a store front or as a sales platform? Which website designs do you love? What aspects do you hate?

We cover all this and more before we start to get in to design and build. 
Have ideas?


From discussions and getting to know you, your business and really understanding your branding we will frame out a couple of website design options. 

Colour variants, styles and  font options showing the variants of styles available and possible...
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However pretty your site is and regardless of the whizzy website design without content that's purposeful and engaging any site is only performing at 50%.

We create engaging content for all our sites; still images, written copy and even video animations on occasion. 


Et volia! Your website is done! As easy as that...

Well no, of course it's not that easy. But, with tweaking and fine tuning, we produce a site that is authentic functional and purposeful.
Lets get a coffee...

Indicative Web Design  Pricing 

We offer three basic levels of standard website design however if you feel like you need something specific please contact us to discuss all prospective projects.

We also offer specific rates to charities, third sector and not for profit organisations, including reduced rate hosting.
Lets have a chat!

eCommerce Built from

Product based websites with both physical and downloadable products, account pages, responsive cart and payment plugins, SEO and eCommerce hosting

Custom Built from

5+ pages, content production and editing, fully mobile responsive, image sourcing, security, hosting and SEO

Start Up/ No-Frills from

1-3 pages, security, hosting, mobile responsive, supplied content


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Debra Moolenaar

Lauren understood exactly what I needed even before I did, she came up with the vision and I loved it straight away!
goldilocks creative blog digital marketing 2020

Natalie Hunt

Lauren and I sat down and had a coffee (of course!) and right from the outset I knew she understood what I needed and created it
goldilocks creative blog digital marketing 2020

Lyndsy Doyle

When I was looking for a company to partner APCAM with Lauren and GLC were the obvious choice, she's now part of the team.
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