Website Management

Ongoing Website Management with Goldilocks Creative

Building a fantastic all singing, all dancing website is brilliant, but you need to keep it updated and secure. We offer a fully managed website option for all our builds - and some clients who we didn't build the site for but we don't hold that against them!

Life online moves fast; they say 1 real world year is equivalent to 5 "e-years", and if your website has taken 6 months to build, you’re potentially already 2 and a half years behind. What was cutting edge and modern a few years ago can seem positively vintage or old school now; on top of this, your business changes direction, diversifies and expands all of the time so it’s important your online audience are aware of any alterations too. 

There’s nothing more annoying than an out of date lead, someone asking for something you no longer provide or can’t facilitate. 
Websites aren’t a one-time task, they are an ever-evolving project within your business. To upkeep a successful website, and therefore brand, it needs to be active. Copy should be edited regularly to ensure your message is up to date, images should be added to reflect your current work, company announcements should be made visible and the backend needs to be checked frequently to ensure its functionality. 

Error messages, bugs and technical faults can occur as and when they please, so without regular maintenance users may well be experiencing an inefficient website and consequently go elsewhere for the product and/or service they were seeking. We liken it to having a brake light missing on your car; unless you check or some kind passerby tells you, you’ll never know
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Website Management Services from Goldilocks

We offer a range of management options for websites, from security to content production and updates - if your website needs support but you don't know how to go about it, talk to us... tell you what, lets get a coffee!

Website Management & Hosting

At Goldilocks we offer all our website design clients a  full hosting and security update service at a one off annual fee, this depends on the size and type of site you have with us but indicative cost is between
£145 and £245 annually

We don't discriminate though, if you have a website hosted or created elsewhere we can still help you keep your site secure, updated and working as well as it should be, we will just need to have a look in to your hosting provider and platform before we can start!
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Content Update Service

We provide a fully customisable service for website content pages,  SEO and blogs. 

We can create and update your site regularly ensuring your prospective clients always have something new and interesting to read, the key to a great site is informative engaging  content in blogs and on core pages.
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Search Engine Optimisation & Management

It seems everyone is talking about how to 'optimise' your website, with hacks and tricks and really frankly expensive online witch craft! SEO and keeping your site optimised to ensure it is working at its full potential is what we do, by ensuring your site is updated we monitor your SEO performance and work continually to improve your rankings.
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Debra Moolenaar

Lauren understood exactly what I needed even before I did, she came up with the vision and I loved it straight away!
website design goldilocks

Natalie Hunt

Lauren and I sat down and had a coffee (of course!) and right from the outset I knew she understood what I needed and created it
website management images goldiclocks creative

Lauren Gill

Lauren worked quickly and created a fantastic website for me with very little briefing.  She was always a step ahead of what I wanted
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